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Westside Music School... Where the Music Begins!

Founded in 1988

Music lessons and music instruction are about much more than simply learning to read notes and knowing where they land on a piano or keyboard. Unfortunately, many music schools and music studios leave it at that.

At Westside Music School our music instruction and music teachers believe that to learn to play the piano, or any instrument, the music begins long before a student is able to read notes on a page. Music begins within each of us – through listening, singing and rhythmic activities. As these skills are developed, note reading will come more naturally and students experience total musical development.

Harmony Road Curriculum

The Westside Music School philosophy is founded on the Harmony Road Curriculum, where students learn by doing: first by honing the ear and singing; then by singing and playing on the piano or keyboard; finally bringing the student’s music education full circle by reading notes.

Music Lessons Enrich Our Lives

Music lessons make our lives richer by expanding horizons, developing creativity and imagination, and providing a lifetime of enjoyment. Whether you or your child are pursuing music instruction as a hobby or on a competitive or professional level, learning to play the piano or other instrument will help to create a sense of self-worth, a joy of learning, and a love for music.

The Westside Music School Difference

Westside Music School understands that you have many choices when looking at music studios and music schools. Here are just a few of the differences you’ll experience at Westside:

  • Qualified music instruction (degreed, tested, trained, experienced) teachers
  • Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend music classes
  • Optimum music class sizes – maximum 10 students per class
  • Age appropriate Instruction programs available for all ages – toddlers (as young as 18 months) through adults
  • Specializing in piano lessons, keyboard lessons, guitar lessons and early childhood music classes available at one location
  • Convenient class schedules – most classes are available weekdays, evenings, Saturdays
  • Performance opportunities (low-pressure recitals) offered at least twice a year at no additional charge
  • Desk staff available to assist you during all teaching hours, every day

Where the Music Begins!

Call Westide Music School at 503.533.5100 or stop by today to enroll or sample a class!


The pleasure is all ours to have such a wonderful piano instructor. It’s been a great learning experience for both Jon-Jon and Anna Marie. You are highly recommended by us at anytime. Thanks a million!

- Student Parent

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